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Advanced Technology, For your real business

We, a business design firm of Advanced Technology (AT), propose, develop and implement solutions powered by Advanced Technology that contribute to solving the business issues of our client companies.
We are accelerating the digital transformation of our client companies based on “a sharp eye" of our experienced consultants with deep knowledge, the provision of accumulated POC know-how, and our close alliance with Advanced Technology industries.

ATS Business overview


AT Consulting

"How can you utilize the potential of AI technology to your business, such as deep learning and machine learning?"
We advise on it from a new perspective unique to experts who are familiar with both business and technology.

  • Proposal of the optimal technology and system configuration for your problem solving
  • Proposal of the optimal combinations from a wide variety of highly specialized technologies like deep learning, machine learning, natural language processing, statistical analysis method etc.
  • Support for business strategy development and the implementation
  • Support for R & D strategy, marketing strategy development and the implementation etc.

AT Solution Development

We develop Advanced Technology according to the needs of each market and enterprise with our solution partners.
(Ridge-i, SCSK, etc.)

  • Proposal of products and solutions powered by machine learning and deep learning, and development of solutions according to your needs
  • Support in every stage from prototype development, demonstration experiment, commercialization development, to market

AT platform service

We provide enterprise business services utilizing Advanced Technology as a platform.

  • Video analysis services based on image recognition technology
  • Predictive detection of equipment failure
  • Farming support by Agri tech
  • Services for medical equipment etc.

A new angle for commercialization

Solution focus

For example, to visualize phenomena invisible to humans by utilizing high-definition images, and to visualize techniques and senses of skilled workers, which have been regarded as difficult before etc.

Process improvement

Provision of solutions that can be expected by introducing AI to improve business processes that could not be achieved before such as colorization of monochrome images and automation of animation production
(Joint project with Ridge-i).


Developing AI solutions in the industries with high potential for industrial change etc.

  • Improved control accuracy in manufacturing process
  • Farming support powered by satellite images
  • Growth management and yield prediction realized by image recognition at the plant factories etc.

Business Partner

We collaborate with AI / IoT area specialized group company “Ridge-i” in AI consultation, solution development and have formed a capital alliance with SCSK utilizing Advanced Technology such as AI aiming for further promotion of service-oriented business. With the backbone of a wide range of alliances, We answer to the customer’s needs for proposal, service development and offering to solve various problems.

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Oct. 3, 2017
Capital Alliance with SCSK on the AI business
[Strategic partnership for creating and promoting new business using AI technology.]

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