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Advanced Technology Solution

Bring the cutting edge technology into real business solution

Advanced Technology Solutions department (ATS) focuses on Machine Learning and Deep Learning
technologies and provides the latest IT solutions to empower customer’s business.

Asian Frontier have business partnership with Preferred Networks Inc. (PFN),
owning the state of the art machine learning and deep learning technology.
With this strong partnership and our business management insights,
ATS provides the best quality consulting service and solutions.

Solution Development

・Providing business plan consulting and solutions using advanced machine learning and deep learning technologies.

・Implementation support of Preferred Networks’ products including DIMo.

Consulting Services

・Technology trend research focusing on AI, machine learning and deep learning area

・Business management planning and support

・R&D planning and marketing

・Machine learning and deep learning Seminar

Machine Learning & Asian Frontier

Since June 2015, Asian Frontier and Preferred Networks Inc. have made business partnership to bring Preferred Networks’ latest technologies and products into real business solutions.

Preferred Networks Inc.

Preferred Networks Inc.

What’s Preferred Networks’ DIMo?

Preferred Networks focuses on R&D with industry leading companies such as Toyota for automotive, FUNAC for robotics, and the essence of those fundamental technologies of machine learning, deep learning, and reinforcement learning are brought into DIMo (Deep Intelligence in Motion) framework.

Asian Frontier has exclusive license agreement of providing DIMo license.

We now releases Image Analysis package released, and Predictive fault prediction package and reinforcement learning package are coming afterwards.

PFN社 研究開発分野

Asian Frontier provides consulting and technical support for DIMo implementation based on our expertise of machine learning field and PFN’s product knowledge.

Please contact here for detail.

Business solutions with DIMo Image Analysis package

DIMo Image Analysis package is user friendly framework including Object Detection, Classification, Tracking, Re-identification with Annotation tools and web dashboard to manage cameras.

With PFN’s deep Learning technology, DIMo can recognize any objects depended on how you train.

DIMo 映像解析パッケージ

Classification result is embed on video real time

Dimo Image Analysis package is mainly consisted by following software.

Annotation Tool

Annotation tool is to create training data set with user friendly and scalable interface. Annotation worker can crop target object from images/movies and put annotations (=labeling attributions). This tool supports multi task assignment function that enable multiple person to handle the large amount of data.

Machine Learning Engine

With training data set created by annotation tool, this engine learns and optimizes the object detection and classification logic.
This engine is consisted by PFN’s latest deep learning technologies to pursuit high level accuracy.

Object Detection, Classification, Tracking

DIMo captures video images and performs object detection and classification in real time and offline. Furthermore, we can embed the result into online video real time.
With unique ID assigned to each object, we can track the object’s location easily.
DIMo can provide re-identification to query person image among movies and can raise alert if similar person is detected.
Those detection and classification result is output into text file and user can develop own business applications.

Web Administration Tool

DIMo provides web administration tool to manage video camera locations and corresponding map.
Administrator can monitor the result of detection and classification on the map visually.


Business solutions with DIMo Image Analysis package

DIMo Image Analysis package supports following business demand as sample.

・Surveillance cameras detect wheel chair person and raises alert to control room.
・Cameras in factory detect and analyze the staff and conveying machine locations.
・Query suspicious person among surveillance cameras and raise alert if the person appears. This solution is press released by NTT Com.


Please contact here for detail.

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