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Asian Frontier Co.,Ltd

Head office


1-6-1-404, Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0004



5 September 2007

Member's biography

Board Chairman

Yoshiki Minamoto

源 由樹

Electronic Engineering, Toyohashi Technology and Science University.

Hired by Andersen Consulting (present Accenture)
Senior manager at Accenture
Info Delivery Inc., head of offshore development business
Info Delivery Inc., COO
Established Asian Frontier, Inc., CEO.

With his 11 years of experience in business consulting at Accenture, he specialised in overall financial industry, especially, in operational reforms in insurance industry, as well as experience in merger support project. After leaving the consulting firm, served as operational division head and operations executive for offshore development and BPO venture for two years. Engaged in a variety of operations offshore transition and led to success. In September 2007, he established Asian Frontier Co.,Ltd. With his abundant leadership experience in various projects, his strength includes a wide variety of experience and planning and structuring capabilities from upstream to downstream processes.

CEO/Representative Director

MiguelAngel Estevez(Abe)

ミゲル アンヘル・エステベス安部

Graduate of Keio University, Commerce Dept.

Hired by Andersen Consulting (present Accenture)
Transferred to Madrid Office, Spain (Finance Group)
COO at NEK International Corp. (Import/Export of industrial parts)
Returned to Andersen Consulting Tokyo Office Finance Group
Senior Director at Head Strong Corporation
Representative Executive (Co-responsible with CEO), Asian Frontier, Inc.

Board member of Non-Profit Organization "AMATAK". Business and IT solution provider for a wide variety of fields at Accenture and Headstrong. Based in Japan but supports global companies anywhere in the world.Specialized on business and IT strategy, pre&post M&A activities, IT project management and problem solving support for executives.

Executive Vice President

Koichi Kanbara

源 由樹

Undergraduate, Law Department, Sophia University, Japan

Hired by Andersen Consulting (present Accenture)
Fuji-Xerox (specialised in new business creation)
Client Partner, IBM Business Consulting Service
Managing Director, Vice President, Asian Frontier, Inc.

Consultant for fourteen years at Accenture and IBM Business Consulting Service. Led projects for IT planning/system architecture, operations reform, operations support with major focus on banking and securities, with additional branches including financial institutions, public offices, service industry, and manufacturers. Has an experience of development and implementation of new business at Fuji-Xerox for three years. Joined Asian Frontiers in January 2008. Strength: business development, operations reform, IT system architecture/implementation by leveraging his new business development and marketing experiences.

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