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3 October 2017

Capital Alliance with SCSK on the AI business
[Strategic partnership for creating and promoting new business using AI technology.]

We are happy to announce Asian Frontier Co., Ltd (AF) and SCSK Corporation (SCSK) came to the basic agreement on our capital alliance.

Background and details

AF is working on utilizing AI technology into the real business at various industries as a consulting firm with strength in creating new business and consulting in the AI business. We decided to receive capital investment from SCSK who is aiming to promote a service-oriented business, for the purpose of solid relationship between the two parties in order to accelerate activities of AI technology.
This makes AF and SCSK as a strategic partner on the AI business, we will mutually utilize the knowledge and skills, such as AF’s consulting expertise on business development of IT including AI and other advanced technologies and management perspective into a business and SCSK’s group comprehensive strength, branding and client relationship, to carry out joint projects and will promote proposal and services for client’s problem solving.

With this capital alliance as a start, AF and SCSK will aim for further growth by making full use of the strength of both parties.

【SCSK Corporation release – Japanese only】

  Asian Frontier Co., Ltd.  e-mail:toiawase@asian-frontier.com

20 February 2017

Notice of office moving

This is to inform you that we will be moved to the below address as of February 13, 2017.

New Office
1-6-1-404, Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0004

February 13, 2017

We are looking forward to continuing our business relationship.

17 June 2015

Preferred Networks and Asian Frontier announce
business partnership bringing Deep Learning technology
into business solutions.

On June 2015, Preferred Networks (PFN)( (https://www.preferred-networks.jp/en) and Asian Frontier made business partnership agreement to bring PFN’s latest machine learning and deep learning technologies into real business solutions through license partner program and Asian Frontier to be the exclusive license management company.

Back Ground

PFN’s latest machine learning and deep learning technology have incredible potential to change business with rapid progress of IoT network environment.
Although the demand is very massive, fitting those technologies to business in real is difficult. We have seen significant volume of consulting work to know client’s issue and how to customize it.

This partnership is to distribute PFN’s technologies and to provide business solutions among clients rapidly and efficiently.
With this partnership, PFN will focus on keep developing and improving their state of the art technology and Asian Frontier will face clients and provide the most effective solutions with our business management insight experienced in over 9 years of consulting work.


Asian Frontier provides DIMo (Deep Intelligence in Motion) license partner program for clients who are interested in deploying PFN’s technology to their business and products.
DIMo is consisted by PFN’s fundamental technologies such as machine learning, deep learning, image analysis and sensor fusion, and packaged as business application.
The first package is ‘DIMo for Image Analysis’ and any clients can benefit it through this license partner program.

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